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23 февраля
ZTR - Одесса
    37:25 (20:14)
29  февраля
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"Сталь"(Мелец) - ZTR
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Турнирная таблица

3 ZTR1624
5 ЗТР - Буревестник149
СКА - Львов158

Лучшие бомбардиры

  • Дмитрий АРТЕМЕНКО - 89
  • Иван БУРЗАК - 49 
  • Александр Тильте - 42

  • Игорь ОДИНОКОВ - 64
  • Артем ПОПОВИЧ - 60
  • Иван ЧЕРВКО - 52

Украинская гандбольная лига
Федерация гандбола Украины


Лига чемпионов ЕГФ

About ZTR Junior School


Members of junior team (year of birth 1992)

In 1977 on the basis of regional centre ‘Burevestnik’ was established junior handball school. The main mission of the school was to prepare reserve players for major league team Zaporozhye Industrial Institute. There were several re-organizations within the whole history of the school, but school has saved unique traditions of preparing top-ranked sportsmen.

In 1992 after establishment of ZTR handball Club the decision was taken to create specialized handball school of Olympic reserve. ZTR Handball Club, regional administration of youth and sports affairs and regional board ‘Spartak’ have become founders of this school. It was the moment when junior specialized handball school of Olympic reserve ZTR was born.


Mission of the school is to prepare top-ranked players in first turn for ZTR Handball team.


Nowadays in junior handball school in 32 groups are training more than 480 sportsmen, 6 trainers on the staff and 8 trainers free lancers are working. Only sky-rocket tasks are set for ZTR team in competitions and tournaments of any rank and this makes us looking for new approaches in work of school trainers. Sports teaching work in junior handball school are built on three main milestones:

-       to find the talent;

-       to develop abilities;

-       and to bring them to perfection.


Members of junior team (year of birth 1997)

One of the main tasks of school trainers is all the time to keep enlarging the territory for searching and outsourcing perspective handball players, testing and interviewing in different regions hundreds of children, which keen to play handball.

Most important is not only admission but thorough selection of children with the help of special tests and anthropometrical characteristics.

After 7-years training in groups we are forming a specialized class, which is working as sports hostel on the basis of Zaporozhye hostel No.4, we were created all conditions for two times a day training, four times meals, and wide range of training methods and recovery arrangements. Special gratitude to Director Litvinenko and all staff of the hostel for understanding and care during training and education of future champions.

Such strategy let us prepare top-ranked players and reach positive results in school work. School alumni have become winners of Students World Championship, five alumni has become masters of sports of international level: Andrey Shipenko, Igor Ozhygin, Alexander Pavlov, Denis Trofimov, Roman Petik. School alumni were and are playing as members of Ukraine national, youth and junior teams. In almost each team of premier and major leagues of Ukrainian championship school alumni are playing. School has prepared 23 masters of sports and 42 candidates for master of sports.

This outcome has only become possible due to united efforts of school trainers, management of ZTR Handball Club, regional administration of youth and sports affairs and regional board ‘Spartak’.