14-кратный чемпион и трехкратный обладатель Кубка Украины


Мотор - ZTR

Матч Перенесен

Одесса - ZTR

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Буревестник - Мотор

ZTR в соц.сетях

23 февраля
ZTR - Одесса
    37:25 (20:14)
29  февраля
Донбасс - ZTR
40:34 (16:17)

"Сталь"(Мелец) - ZTR
30:36 (13:14) 

Турнирная таблица

3 ZTR1624
5 ЗТР - Буревестник149
СКА - Львов158

Лучшие бомбардиры

  • Дмитрий АРТЕМЕНКО - 89
  • Иван БУРЗАК - 49 
  • Александр Тильте - 42

  • Игорь ОДИНОКОВ - 64
  • Артем ПОПОВИЧ - 60
  • Иван ЧЕРВКО - 52

Украинская гандбольная лига
Федерация гандбола Украины


Лига чемпионов ЕГФ

Masters handball team

Masters handball team of Zaporozhye has history of more than 20 years. Team is formed with former players of such teams as ZAS and Zaporozhye Industrial Institute: World champion – 82: Alexander Shipenko, EHF Cup holders – 83: Masters of sports of International level – Oleg Dyakov, Olexiy Tishchenko, Georgiy Zubkov, Vyacheslav Didushenko, Olexandr Sokol, etc


Masters handball team


Within last years we are inviting players throughout Ukraine. During these years masters team participated in different tournaments, matches and European Championships both as in Ukraine (Zaporozhye, Odessa, Gorlovka, Melitopol, Kharkiv, etc) and abroad (Russia, Germany, Croatia, Moldova, Sweden).



Since 2003 Masters handball European Championships are performed. So our team took part in all four Championships:

2003 AUSTRIA (5th place)

Team players: Olexandr Volik, Vladimir Gabora, Georgiy Zubkov, Olexandr Ruzhyn, Olexandr Kirichenko, Olexiy Tishchenko, Olexandr Simonov, Olexandr Sokol, Oleg Dyakov, Andriy Frolov, Olexandr Bokal, Vladimir Kharchenko, Olexandr Vakatov, Valeriy Pavelko, Sergey Boyko.

2005 SPAIN (6th place)

Team players: Evgeniy Astafyev, Sarkis Mirazizyan, Evgeniy Goryachikh, Georgiy Zubkov, Olexandr Vakatov, Viktor Sidorchuk, Vladimir Kharchenko, Igor Kotenko, Konstantin Zalenov, Sergey Boyko, Andrey Frolov, Olexander Bokal, Olexiy Tishchenko, Sergiy Pysanko, Olexandr Ruzhyn, Olexander Simonov, Valentin Renev, Vazgen Abgaryan.

HUNGARY (4th place)

Team players: Evgeniy Astafyev, Vladimir Lobchuk, Andrey Frolov, Vazgen Abgaryan, Georgiy Zubkov, Evgeniy Petruschevskiy, Olexiy Tishchenko, Olexandr Simonov, Konstantin Zelenov, Evgiy Goryachikh, Sergiy Boyko, Sergiy Krylenko, Olexandr Bokal.



2007 POLAND (4th place)

Team players: Evgeniy Astafyev, Oleg Dyakov, Olexand Simonov, Olexandr Vakatov, Georgiy Zubkov, Mikhail Shchukin, Viktor Sidorchuk, Olexiy Tishchenko, Hans Wienback, Petro Baadzhy, Sergiy Krylenko, Sergiy Boyko, Olexandr Bokal, Evgeniy Goryachikh.


2008 SWEDEN (2nd place)


Within the period from August 28 till September 7, 2008 European Masters Games 2008 (EMG 2008) for 27 sports including handball as well (www.emg2008.com ) were organized in Malmö (Sweden). In the same group age (45+) there were 20 teams (4 groups, each group of 5 teams). Ukraine team was in group C together with the teams of Latvia, Denmark, Poland and Sweden.


With triumph returned our team back home. In tough fight by getting the 1st place in the group, the team got to the final stage of the tournament. In the quarter final they met with vice-champion of last year – team from Hungary. It was most probably the most difficult match of this tournament. Hungarian team play tough, powerful and sometimes even fierce handball. During the last championship after the match with this team our several players got serious injures and were not able to continue playing in the tournament. This year our players changed strategy and won - 9:8. In semi-final our team met with Champion of the last two years – very mobile and technical team from Slovakia. Our players structured the game tactically in a proper way so that they didn’t even let the Slovaks to use their main advantage – quick crossing and finally won this match as well.


Final was against titled team from the Russian Federation. The match was very intensive but rather correct. It couldn’t be the other way as on the playing field met real handball masters – champions of Olympic games, champions of World and European Championships. In equal competition the victory got Russian team with score 9:8.



Finalists Russia - Ukraine

Team players: Evgeniy Astafyev, Olexandr Shypenko, Olexandr Bokal, Georgiy Zubkov, Olexandr Vakatov, Sergiy Boyko, Olexandr Simonov, Olexiy Tishchenko, Evgeniy Goryachih, Sergiy Yedelyev, Vyacheslav Didushenko, Sergiy Krylenko, Hans Wienback, Oleg Dyakov, Mykhaylo Shchukin (all players from Zaporzohye), Anatoliy Potapov (Lviv), Viktor Sydorchyk (Lviv), Petro Baadzhy (Odessa), Yuriy Meleshko (Kiev).



Masters handball team in playing uniform